• Jon Thwaites

Getting through the pandemic & into 2022

Like everyone, we had to change the way we worked for a while. We used separate vehicles where possible, wore masks & gloves at all times. We arranged contactless quotes. Also, none of us wanted to end up needing medical care after a work injury. We did not want to put anymore strain on the already stressed NHS. So we doubled up on our health & safety..

Luckily for us, people were spending a lot of time in their gardens & having spare cash from not going on holidays. getting the jobs done they would normally put off. Reducing trees (to let more light in the garden) repairing broken fences, tidying hedges. We were kept busy & we really appreciated the work. 2022 has started busy as usual & we are grateful for a bit of sunshine after a miserable December.

We went to wish you a happy & prosperous 2022

The D&T Team

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